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What is keyword Analysis for SEO,SEM, Youtube | Keyword Research

With out Keyword research, SEO is nothing.

Keyword research for Beginners not Experience guys

what is keyword ?

i will explain you in simple way in terms technical point of view in SEO or SEM

key : Important

Word : Information


Keyword : Important information

Keyword analysis is that the method of determinant what keywords square measure employed in search engines by potential customers.

There goals of keyword analysis embody the following:

Identify the broadest attainable set of keywords employed by potential customers.
Determine that keywords square measure most well-liked and so represent the first targets for SEO and keyword advertising.
Identify keywords whose programme ranking is realistically get able by SEO.
Determine what negative keywords can build keyword advertising most price effective.
Identify client language that may influence stigmatisation and electronic messaging.
Develop extra content based mostly upon user nomenclature.
Keyword analysis may be a very important commencement for palmy programme promoting campaigns.

keyword are different types such as broad keywords,  FAT Head keywords, Chunky Middle Keywords, Long Tail Keywords

when comes to Google Adwords,

It consist of different keyword Match Types

  • Broad Match 
  • Broad Match Modifier 
  • Exact Match
  • Phrase Match
  • Negative Match 

Again in Negative Match we have different types
  • Negative Broad
  • Negative Phrase
  • Negative Exact

Submit Your Business 

Insert Keyword in URL using Hypens

Mention Main keywords in Meta Title and Meta Description of the page where it will help you to increase ranking in SERP

You can do keyword research using different i will list some tools as follows:

How to use keyword planner in Google Adwords

Login into Google Adwords

Go Dash Board

In tools, go to Keyword planner

Once you redirect to keyword planner landing page

Go to Find new keywords and get search volume data

Enter relevant keyword in search box

while entering query, make sure that its relevant to your business

suppose example:

Digital Marketing ( short keyword) if i want to more relevant than i must look after  my business. if am giving digital marketing course

Then you must keywords like

Digital Marketing Institution

Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Training

If am providing course in particular location than keywords must be

Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore

Digital Marketing Institution in Bangalore

Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore

Digital Marketing Training in Bangalore

or if am giving training through online  then my search query must be

Online Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore 

always go with Long Tail keywords it helps you to grow your business.

If you want keywords from particular website then URL in  enter the landing page

select your category: if you want keywords relevant. However it will give you relevant keywords with out using this also. as per your wish you can check it out

next Targeting

If you want target all locations  than choose it other wise just click on edit button

Choose relevant place in location. in advance location you can go for specific location also in it.

Enter Location which your are targeting suppose i am showing an sample example to you guys dude.

me targeting "India" Country when i have enter India i will get drop down option to include the locations which is relevant to me

Beside location that you will see two options



After you adding the country in targeting it will display particular search volume in that area only.

You can see in below image

when you click on nearby its show s different way of targeting. There you check different location nearby the place you have target. It may be include place and other places nearby its to. For Example as in example if am targeting Country  India then it will display different locations nearby to that place.

  • Maharashtra, India - state
  • Karnataka, India - state
  • Uttar Pradesh, India - state
  • Tamil Nadu, India - state
  • Gujarat, India - state
  • Telangana, India - state
  • West Bengal, India - state
  • Rajasthan, India - state
  • Madhya Pradesh, India - state
  • Bihar, India - state
  • Andhra Pradesh, India - state
  • Odisha, India - state
  • Assam, India - state
  • Chhattisgarh, India - state
  • Jammu and Kashmir, India - state
  • Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India - union territory
  • Pakistan - country
  • China - country
  • Bangladesh - country
  • Sri Lanka - country
  • Nepal - country
  • Myanmar (Burma) - country
  • Afghanistan - country
  • Maldives - country
  • Punjab, Pakistan - region
  • Sindh, Pakistan - region
  • Tibet, China - region
  • Sagaing Region, Myanmar (Burma) - region
  • Xinjiang, China - region
  • Gansu, China - region
  • Qinghai, China - region
  • Bayingol, Xinjiang, China - city
  • Haixi, Qinghai, China - city
  • Hotan, Xinjiang, China - city
  • Yushu, Qinghai, China - city

from above you can see the button name " Add" if you want to include all location in "India" then you click on add it automatically take all location in india by clicking on added. You can remove the location if want to remove all locations by clicking on "Remove" Button dude

No need worry Guys very Its simple here you just have to focus on it

If you want target particular location in that country also you do it. Just you need to click on add button beside each and every location your targeting or else you can choose nearby also. 

See below Image you will get idea what i mean to say to you Guys/Girls

At a time you target 1000 locations by using Bulk Locations on top right side of it 

After selecting bulk locations that you need to mind the enter location in location and click on search just below to it. Thing make sure the details you insert location should contain as below information such as

Criteria ID
Canonical Name
Parent ID
Country Code
Target Type
Allowable values:

Autonomous Community *
Canton *
City *
City Region
Congressional District *
Country *
County *
Department *
Governorate *
Municipality *
National Park
Postal Code
Prefecture *
Province *
Region *
State *
Territory *
TV Region *
Union Territory *
* Supported in TargetingIdeaService.

Go to this link and you will get one idea about 

Once you have targeted all locations then click done 

Using the " Advance Search" also you target specific location (Using Pin code also u can target)

click  on advance search and you will be seeing other pop up. In that pop up, enter location in search box and move on

Under Targeting ---> Languages ---> edit and select relevant language which are targeting the users

check out the below images how does it perform

once select the language please save it for you sake only dude/ dudette

Negative Keywords:

When comes to negative keywords, this plays key role for selecting of keywords. Suppose you choose users who are training a course i.e, Digital Marketing Training. Few people like me or others during the learning stage of Keyword Research do mistakes by mismatching the collecting keywords which are relevant to products or services


My keywords : Digital marketing training

when i enter short keyword like " Digital marketing"  Google will suggest some of keywords like

Digital Marketing services

Digital Marketing Event

Online Digital Marketing Course also keywords in  suggest box to avoid them please mention few words in negative keywords. So Google Keyword Planner will avoid those keywords to show you.

Choose date range also. always  go with last 2 years

If you want more customise keywords then you go  select below images options as my point of view i have never selected these options so i can only " Its Upto You"

then Click on  Get Ideas

Now it will show relevant keywords based on your search query you have enter in it

you can couple of tabs

Ad-group Ideas & keyword Ideas

You can similar keywords even you choose any one them no need of  confused state. you can check it if you don't believe in my words

When you guys click on Keyword Ideas it will show individual keywords with its avg search volume, bid and Competition

When you click on Adgroups ideas the keywords will appear in group 

you can download all keyword from it. you can see the button on right side "Download" click on it in either may 

after that you will be seeing pop up, in that you choose options and select any one among them

I prefer you people to go with Excel CSV why because it will help you to slot keyword all keywords

Suppose if you want to download specific keyword from it then you see option like >>(AD PLAN) beside keyword click on it then it will be adding adgroup on right side of relevant keywords and you can download from it also no issues dude

after selecting specific keyword, you can copy to clipboard, download, delete and save to your account the ad group where you have specific keywords in it

you can check excel and collect long tail keywords make sure that the long tail keyword must content minimum 3-4 keywords


Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore 

After above query, you can see different keywords

Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore

Digital Marketing  in Bangalore

Digital Marketing Courses

Online Digital Marketing Course

when you select this kind of one long tail keyword it helps a lot. such using one keyword your targeting three different types of users.

Based on Avg. monthly searches , Competition , Suggested bid you have to choose keywords.

if one keyword is relevant to your business but not having enough search volume no need of worry just take keyword  why even though search volumes is not their but the keyword is relevant to you. It makes sense, if search volume it doesn't mean that your taking wrong keywords. choose keyword that help you to generate business in market. Instead of your taking high search volume and not making business means nothing na dude. I suggest you to focus on Business.

Few times, you see that a query is having low search volume and high Bid at that you must be smart in choosing of keyword whether it makes business or not

Make sure that Use your Brain while selecting keywords if not it will be like your eating own shit.

Other way of doing Google Keyword research i.e, Google Instant Search

These method is so simply no issues like previous method also. But thing now Google Instant is Shut Down

When you enter any query in Google you will be seeing some relevant keywords in drop down.

Its very easy and also so simple do keyword research so fast. no waste of time

Google will suggest top searching keywords when enter any keyword  as below to it

you take keywords which are having more  results per seconds  you see them

Example: " About 4,50,00,000 results (0.54 seconds) " 

When you search for any queries in Search Engine, At button it will show some relevant search queries related to keyword which you have enter

example:  If am entering " Google Instant Search" in Google then you can at button of it like below

Searches related to Google Instant Search

under it will display some relevant queries in it also

You can choose keywords from that also.

Competitor Keyword Research

one of the major thing that you have do during the keyword research is to check your competitors keywords that help you a lot for growth of your business and also easy way to finish keyword research as possible why because while doing this process you will relevant keywords fastly

Here many tools which helps to find competitors keywords but i will explain cute process to you 

Enter  relevant keyword in Search Engine then it will displays some website as they are your competitors and you want to know what are the keywords they have inserted in their website 

Let's have short look over it 

Now you go to Competitors website :

Open the website --> Go to source code -->  ctrl+f --> enter keywords

search for Meta Keywords then it will display list of keywords under meta tags

Example :  <meta name="keywords" content="HTML,CSS,XML,JavaScript">

Html, css, Xml, javascript are keywords

Some people will hide the keywords in back end then check the meta Title & meta Description. As we all know that  keyword need to display in Meta Title & meta description so you can check keywords in it. Now a days  yoast plugin is not showing keywords in WordPress. people thing that they are no keywords in website and go back please don't like that dude. Competitors Keyword research in most power thing during keyword Research. In this same process you check keywords for rest of competitors  that will help you a lot

Last but not least but you can go for "Google Trends"


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