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Facebook Ad Certification | Facebook Blueprint

  •  A fashion advertiser is running a promotion for its new line of shirts. The campaign has been running for 60 days.Until last week, the campaign performed steadily and delivered positive results. Since then, delivery has declined by 80%, conversions have tapered, and CPM has increased. The campaign has the following components:

    - Frequency 
    - 5Bid 
    - Auto Interests 
    - Fashion interests
    - Bid type 
    - oCPM for conversions

    What should the advertiser do to improve performance?

  • 2. A travel brand is launching a vacation service for retired people to visit high-end hotels in major cities. The travel brand needs to raise awareness of the new service for their intended audience. The campaign is currently based on the following native targeting variables:

    - Job
    - Age of children in the household

    - Income
    - Luxury travel

    The client needs to increase its audience size while meeting its requirements. Which strategy should the client use?

    +0 / 1 
    The correct answer was remove the job, income, and age of children in the household variables.
  • 3. An agency is taking on a new client. The client has their own ad account and their own pixel. The agency is going to run a new campaign, and they need to gain access to that pixel. 

    Which tool should the agency use to gain access? 

    +0 / 1 
    The correct answer was Business Manager.
  • 4. A boutique hotel client launches a mobile app and needs to drive app installs on Facebook and Instagram. The client is limited to a marketing budget of $100,000 USD. 

    How should the media buyer avoid overspending the marketing budget?

  • 5. A big box home improvement brand wants to run a triple-play message strategy to drive brand association, sale awareness, and product conversion within a month-long holiday effort. Based on previous campaigns, the brand knows that reaching the core customer A25-54 with a frequency of 2 per week drives their greatest ROI. 

    Which approach will achieve this objective?

    +0 / 1 
    The correct answer was Reach and frequency, Sequential messaging.
  • 6. A client wants to run a campaign against their Custom Audience. The client needs to use the most secure way to upload the CRM list and create a Custom Audience. 

    Which two options will keep the data most secure? (Choose two.)

    +0 / 1 
    The correct answer was upload the data directly into Power Editor and create the Custom Audience, upload the data directly into Ads Manager and create the Custom Audience.
  • 7. A client has implemented the Facebook pixel and needs to remarket toward cart abandoners. 

    What should a buyer use to create a Custom Audience to achieve this objective?

    +0 / 1 
    The correct answer was Site Traffic.
  • 8. A client needs to deliver video views of 10 seconds or more. After the first 24 hours of being live, reporting indicates that videos deliver at 3 seconds or more. 

    Which troubleshooting task should be used to fix the problem?

    +0 / 1 
    The correct answer was make sure that the campaign optimization is set to CPV video.
  • 9. An advertiser has implemented the Facebook pixel on its website's order confirmation page. Yesterday the metrics were registered as follows:

    120 checkouts
    52 orders completed
    72 products sold
    28 customers have visited the page to check their order status

    What should be the Purchase event count?

    +0 / 1 
    The correct answer was 52.


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