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How AI Will Integrate Itself into Our Daily Lives in 2018

How artificial intelligence will affect your life and work in 2018. How does artificial intelligence affect our lives. How artificial intelligence will change the future. Impact of artificial intelligence in everyday life and Society
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Most tech-savvy people understand by now that artificial intelligence is more than just a science-fiction
trope. It’s become a viable technology with many potential applications.

Still, up until recently, the average person’s understanding of precisely how AI will continue to develop
into the near future has been fairly limited. That’s all set to change this year. For example,
 chatbot marketing automation has already become an important tool for many firms, and we can soon
expect to see these types of developments across all industries. We’ve reached the point where we can
now ground our expectations for AI in legitimate and factual foundations.

Over the course of the next few months, the following are some of the more realistic AI developments
we can expect.

Greater Investments

The rate of both external and internal investments in AI tech has risen steadily over the last few years.
Now that most people accept the legitimacy (and value) of AI, expect to see even more organizations and
individuals pouring funds and resources into exploring this technology.

Venture capitalists and other external investors will seek to fund promising startups, while existing
companies will continue to investigate how to leverage AI to their advantage.

Greater Implementation

All those investments will, ideally, yield increased value. Companies aren’t going to devote resources to
AI research and development without trying to take advantage of it. Although many organizations
already implement AI solutions, 2018 is expected to be the year when this trend becomes much more

Some Will Fail

In the early stages of any tech revolution, startups eager to dominate the market release products that fail.
If 2018 is the year when more businesses than ever start to actually implement AI, it’s very likely it will
also be the year that many of these attempts will fall short.

Luckily, these failures often help innovators better understand how to optimize a specific technology.
While not everyone will ride the wave of AI revolution to success, these early experiments will result
in overall improvements.

Voice Will Take Over

Very recently, IBM announced the launch of Watson Assistant, designed to help companies across a wide
range of industries develop their own voice-activated assistants to enhance products.

This is one of many signs indicating that more organizations than ever will soon begin shifting to
voice-based interfaces. Thanks to AI, the potential functionality of voice-enabled products is much greater
than previously expected.

AI Will Change Healthcare

Again, there are many ways to use AI across a wide variety of industries. That said, AI may play a
particularly large role in healthcare very soon. While other industries are expected to adopt
AI gradually, healthcare professionals will likely recognize the benefits of this technology very soon.

At this early stage, it’s unlikely AI will be immediately used in any major capacities. Chatbots will likely
take over certain customer service tasks at larger healthcare facilities, and AI might be used to help fill
out paperwork. However, as the technology develops, it may soon assist in diagnosing conditions,
monitoring patient health, and even go so far as to administering treatment.

Regardless, it’s clear that 2018 will be AI’s biggest year yet. Everyone from startup investors to the
average consumer should take notice. When you know where AI technology is going, you have a better
chance of using it to your advantage.


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