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What is Noise canceling earbuds Its type and Noise induced hearing loss

Are noise cancelling earbuds as good as headphones?

Yes, noise canceling earbudsas good as a headphone.This type of headphones cut off all the background noise and give you enjoyable listening's just you and your music.noise canceling headphone is the device that removes unwanted sounds using active noise reduction (ANR).

Noise canceling headphone reduce unwanted sound this technique is called is possible With the help of Noise canceling earbuds, to listen to music without rising volume.It can also make possible to help people to sleep in a noisy environment like in traffic, in the airport.earbuds use active noise control for canceling lower frequency portions of the noise.nowadays in a market Most noise-canceling headphone generates the noise-canceling wave in real-time with analog technology.To remove high-frequency noise to reach the ear, most noise-canceling headphones use soundproofing.

Noise-canceling Headphone helps to listen to music without increasing sound. it’s just you and your music. With the help of Noise-canceling earbuds, people can sleep in a noisy environment like in airport traffic,  and in any noisy place

Type of noise-canceling headphone:-

     Noise-canceling earbuds are basically two type active noise control earbuds or passive noise control noise canceling earbuds headphone do everything like passive ones can do. It uses active noise control for canceling lower frequency portions of the noise. noise canceling headphone add an extra level of sound reduction by deleting lower-frequency sound waves.

     Some of the airways provide noise-canceling headphones of their commercial enterprise and primary class cabins. Noise canceling is mainly powerful against plane engine noise. In these instances, the headphones are approximately the same length as ordinary headphones.

     Some people say that noise canceling headphone compromise with sound quality by muffling can use this type of headphone if you do not want to listen to background noise.ANG headphone is the most popular noise-canceling headphone it reduces overall noise up to 80 decibels

     Noise canceling headphone add an extra level of sound reduction by deleting lower-frequency sound waves.Some people say that noise canceling headphone compromise with sound quality by muffling sound.

 Noise-Induced Hearing Loss:

The sound is measured in units called decibels, less than 75 decibels or above 85 decibels can cause hearing loss. Noise-Induced Hearing Loss caused by one-time exposure or continuous exposure to loud noises. Below is some main reason behind this damage:

     Agriculture: Tractors, combines, grain dryers, crop-dusting aircraft and orchard sprayers can register between 80 and 115 decibels (dB). Even pig squeals are dangerous, measuring between 85 and 115 dB!
     Transport Vehicle, Household chores, and Road traffic noise also contribute towards noise pollution.
     Industrial sources – The Printing press, textile mills and Construction and carpentry cause extreme noise pollution.
     Mining: According to the report, nearly 50 percent of miners will have a hearing impairment by age 50, compared to only 9 percent of the general population. Additionally, 70 percent of miners will have hearing loss by age 60.


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